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11 + Business Ideas with low or without Investments for youth

Every needy or funny person searches best ideas in its life. Fast pace of life, people cannot take care of their goods, this is where businessmen make profit by doing their work.  Here are the best small business ideas you can start to make money without being too harsh on your pocket.

Become an Application Developer

  In this growing world of IT, where Jobs and Gates are probably outdated and their updates are made by new people.  New applications are the new best start-ups.
Grub Hub and many people of this application did not know us five years ago;  Now they are growing.

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 Today's application developer is a land where IT matters are increasing.  Creating an app is by any means a lower consumption than a 9 to 5 job.

You need to launch an app and use the right marketing strategy, and you will be making money while dreaming.  You can do this anywhere in the world.

Field of making resume writer

  This is a straightforward idea, which may allow you to make large sums of money.  Many people pay a handsome fee to resume writers.

  You must be excellent and professional in the field of making resumes.  True in today's market, people don't see a printed resume, but they always want a digital one.

Become an online or offline Tutor

  Sometimes the neighbor's child is taught, and he has scored excellent marks.  Are you good at some subjects?  Then teaching can be your thing.

Teacher, not a teacher!  This business can be great, and it has some beautiful money.  Some people pay a lot of money to teach some subjects to their children.

  You have two options, a home tutor or a tuition center.  Home tutor is required, less capital and tuition center requires some capital.

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Become a personal or virtual assistant

  This job sounds lame, but you can become a virtual assistant.  It's not as great as it may sound, but the pay is good in a way.  If you are already in the office working as an assistant, a virtual assistant broadens your viewpoint, and has more freedom.

  Try using a portal like You can find flexible hours for your customers.  Here you can decide your salary.  Be it monthly, weekly or hourly!

Become a Blogger

 If you like traveling, become a travel blogger.  Is cooking your thing?  Taking it to great heights by spreading its cuisine all over the internet.

 It is one of the simplest ideas of low investment business idea;  All it requires is passion and deep interest and some of your time.

All you need is a good camera and a laptop.  You can learn how to start blogging or remain a digital nomad through these amazing guides.

Financial advisor

  There was a time when only people invested their money in business;  Ordinary people used to earn and save only.  Now every person in this world is making some money, they need a financial advisor.

  People love money, and love to protect and raise them, here you come to their rescue, where they have to put money on which bank to use and what to do.  For this, you first need to be a certified financial planner to show that you can be trusted.

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Meal planner

  A world where there is plenty of food, but the best food is needed to keep them fit.  Eating anything will not fit anyone.  The result can be improvement in the body, which do not want a good physique.

  Meal planning is another simple small business idea;  People want a meal plan more than a gym routine.  Here you learn about their food, what to eat, how to cook, ingredients, recipes, and what not.  You can also suggest where to eat and what to eat.

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professional photographer

  Professional photographer, it is not as simple as it seems.  You should be passionate about photography, and you should know about the camera.

  The major investment you need is on the camera and enclosure and all your camera gear.  When you want to work on weddings, events, business, modeling and many more things, this small scale business idea works.
You can start freelancing on various platforms like Upwork, Shutterstock etc.

Online dating consultant

  Yes, online dating is something like a consultant.  If you are an influential person and have a great game with words.  It is like becoming someone's wingman or woman and helping them date people.  Not only this, you can also earn money by flirting online.

  Your task will be simple, acting as an account manager on sites dedicated to dating.  Start writing their profile.

Interview preparation

  There are many people with talent and caliber for the job, but they lack confidence and fail to interview for jobs.  You come to their rescue!

  You can help them become more confident and teach them the tricks to crack interviews.  This is not a qualification, but ensures experience is required.

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Travel planner / organizer

  Travel booking platforms are also one click away.  It makes the planning and planning of travel easy and is a simple and best small business idea.

  You have to meet the needs of the customers and plan through different types of tourism, hotels, activities, transportation and everything.

Personal chef

  Cooking is a hobby, so why not turn it into a small-scale business idea?  Become a personal chef.  You cook for those who cannot cook for themselves or who do not have time to do so.

  They allow you to cook food, and pay for it.  Some people also provide ingredients for food.  This requires very little capital or investment.

There are various small scale business ideas;  It is in you  Anything you are doing well can become a business.  If you think any other way, you can too


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